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Faucet Style Guide
Our taps are divided into the following categories: Bathroom Sink Taps, Kitchen Taps, Bathtub Taps and Shower Taps. You’ll find most of our taps have a chrome finish, giving them a shiny and durable look. We also offer taps with an elegant nickel-brushed finish, which tend to be more expensive.
Bathroom Sink Faucet Style Guide
We offer two distinct styles of bathroom sink taps: Modern and Antique.
Modern taps include the LED and Waterfall styles. LED taps come with imbedded lights that change color according to water temperature. This offers the bathroom some unique beauty, while also helping to prevent scalding. Waterfall taps provide a wider and softer stream than conventional tap spouts.
Antique taps have a more familiar look and function, lending the bathroom some retro-looking style and class.
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Kitchen Faucet Style Guide
Most of our Kitchen Taps also fall under the Modern or Antique headings.
Modern tap styles include LED Kitchen taps and Pull-out taps. While the LED taps function in the same manner as their bathroom counterpart, the spout of the Pull-out kitchen taps offer a unique feature. These taps allow you to extend the flexible nozzle neck, which normally range from 30 cm to 70 cm in length.
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Tub & Shower Faucet Style Guide
Styles for Tub and Shower taps:
. Rainfall
. Hand-held
. Claw foot
Most shower taps have a rainfall showerhead or hand-held spout. We also carry some LED shower heads, featuring color changing LED lights.
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